Throwing Things Overboard in 2022

It’s 2/22/2022 and Keith & I are approaching five years of designing games together as Twogether Studios. The last few months have been a great time for Keith and I to hunker down and identify what we want to focus and take action on creatively in the next 15 months or so. As with any creative journey, it’s equally important for us to identify the things we need to leave behind as it is to forge ahead with the new.  We’re so excited about the direction we’re taking and think it’s going to add some delightful games you'll love. In the meantime- help us make room for the new- check out our 2/22 - 22% off everything sale going on now through February 28th. 

I’ll be posting each week for the next four weeks about some of our big plans and things in production—including our Illimat reprint and expansions, The Adventure Zone expansion, new collaborations and games announcements, and what’s on in production over at our D&D imprint, KB Presents and all the Eberron books and content in the pipeline. 

For this week let's talk about what we leave behind. For the past year, we’ve been in a slump. For us, making games is about connecting with others, delight, and play. Frankly, in 2021 there was a lot of grief for us. We’ve been in a place of actively relighting that creative fire. Here's some things that we’re throwing overboard to lighten our creative ship. 

  1. Large In Person Game Conventions:  We love meeting people who play games and fans of what we do. It’s exciting and fuels us and gets the word out. However, each large game convention we have a booth at sucks up about a months worth of creative and operational energy for our entire company. Other than GenCon and maybe one other, we’d like to focus more on how-to-play content with media partners and doing small in-person or streamed Q&A events at cafes, game stores, bookstores, and arts and music summer festival events. Let's have fun together & play!  If you’re interested in partnering with us on an event or how to play content you can reach out to us at 
  2. JoCo Cruise: I’ve been organizing tabletop gaming on JoCo cruise since 2016 and it’s been an amazing experience. Creating massive D&D events, introducing people to games of all kinds with an amazing inclusive team has been a blast. However,  designing about 50 hours of programming and curating a massive game library at sea usually took a few months of prep.  We’ll miss our cardboard concierge team and wish all aboard a safe return to the seas this March! 
  3. Putting Some things in a Product Vault (Clearance Sale!): There are a few games we made that we just don't have bandwidth to actively market, refine, and reprint. Now feels like the best time to clear our stock and put those in a product vault. Make sure to get your hands on a copy of Phoenix Dawn Command, Limited Edition TAZ, and the fluffy Action Cats while you can!

    Stay tuned for next Tuesday– preview of the The Adventure Zone Game expansion!


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