Action Cats!

A party game where you compete to tell the secret life story of a cat.

Is your cat a secret spy who thwarted enemy plans or a misunderstood artist who just needs time away from the spotlight? In Action Cats you take turns being judge as players combine cards and embellish to tell the secret life story of a cat and win the judges favor. Silly, fuzzy, and easy to learn.

  • Contains 170 unique double sided cards.

  • Ages 9-99

  • 3 or more players

  • 15- 30 min.

  • Ships from the US only. Available outside of the US via

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Action Cats: Blank Card Expansion

25 precious little kittens waiting for you to write their future.

Do you have your own Action Cats story to tell? The Action Cats Blank Kitten card expansion is a foil pack of 25 cards where you can write your own story. The expansion features a unique picture of a kitten on one side and blank story section on the other. Ships from the US.

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A Modern Classic Card Game

Illimat is a modern set collection game that feels like a relic found in your grandfathers attic. Score points each round by collecting cards and other items while turning seasons and luminary cards effect play. If you’ve ever played classic games like hearts, rummy, or scopa, Illimat will feel familiar yet completely unique. Designed in partnership with the band The Decemberists and illustrated by Carson Ellis ( Du Iz Tak?, Wildwood) . Find how to play videos and other resources at

  • Portable box design filled with: 24” cloth board, 5 linen finish suited deck, 8 Luminary cards, 4 metal Okus tokens, 4 glass point counters, cloth bag, full color instruction manual

  • 1-4 Players

  • 12+up

  • 15-45 Min.

  • Customs Friendly: Ships from US, AUS, CAN, & UK

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ILLIMAT: The Crane Wife Expansion

Adds new luminary cards and more to the base game

Inspired by The Decemberists album of the same name, this Illimat expansion brings the stories of the album to the game. The expansion adds six additional luminary cards illustrated by Carson Ellis, two metal okus tokens, cloth bag, and two rules variants. Customs Friendly: Ships from US, AUS, CAN, & UK

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ILLIMAT: Victory Book

NEW: A must have for the Illimat enthusiast

A pocket sized 32 page book that outlines key personal Illimat achievements toward your Society of Luminaries rank as well as over four rules variants and pages for personal bests. Written by Keith Baker and Colin Meloy. Featuring illustrations by Carson Ellis. Printed by Scout Books in Portland, Oregon.

Ships from the United States and the UK

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Illimat: Apprentice Pin

You’re blooming and rising in the ranks ( okay, maybe it’s a lateral move- but you’re going places). Adorn yourself with the Apprentice Pin designed by Carson Ellis. Customs Friendly: Ships from US, AUS, CAN, & UK

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Illimat: Initiate Pin

An initiate in The Society of Luminaries is one who seeks knowledge. Show your smarts and bear this 1” round hard enamel pin designed by Carson Ellis. Customs Friendly: Ships from US, AUS, CAN, & UK

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Illimat: The Children Poster

LIMITED STOCK REMAINING. 18x24 inch silkscreened print on 100lb archival paper of The Children luminary card illustrated by Carson Ellis. Frame not included. Customs Friendly: Ships from US, AUS, CAN, & UK

SALE: 30% off (Regularly $25)

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Illimat: Knight of Summer Tote

Carson Ellis' Knight of Summer illustration for Illimat on a 12oz Cotton Canvas tote (10"W x 13 1/2"H x 5"D) Customs Friendly: Ships from US, AUS, CAN, & UK

SALE: 30% off (Regularly $17)

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ILLIMAT: How to Play Vinyl Record

Colin Meloy, Society of Luminaries member at large, takes you on the journey of how to play Illimat in this spoken word 10” vinyl record. Includes digital download. Customs Friendly: Ships from US, AUS, CAN, & UK

SALE! Regularly $24.95

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Phoenix: Dawn Command

From the designer of Eberron for Dungeons & Dragons comes the rpg Phoenix Dawn Command. Currently featured on Geek & Sundry’s Starter Kit series, Phoenix is a fantasy role playing game perfect for beginners and those who are looking for a rich story telling and collaborative RPG experience. Each copy of Phoenix has all materials needed for four players and the DM. Ships from the US only. Available on

  • 298 Tarot sized cards for 4 players

  • DM Guide including a 8 mission adventure path

  • player books and pre-generated characters available on

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