New Illimat Expansion: The False Baron's Set

Luminaries are tarot-like cards in the game of Illimat that can cause dynamic changes in game play and delightful effects in players choices and scores. Illustrated by award winning artist Carson Ellis these luminary cards have inspired stories, characters in podcasts, LARPS, and more than a few tattoos. 

We’re pleased to add a new expansion of Illimat luminaries to the game: The False Barron Set. This new set of six luminaries can be played along with any of the official Illimat luminaries from the Illimat core game and The Crane Wife expansion.

Heres an excerpt from expansion:

This set of 6 Luminary cards is a faithful reproduction of the original FALSE BARON’S SET, based on the surviving records, lithographs, and other artifacts. It has been done with the full cooperation of the executors of Van De Grave estate; any extant lawsuits from distant family members are either totally without merit or are in the process of being settled out of court.

We trust this ongoing legal process will not prohibit us to share a preview of The False Baron's Set by next Wednesday, along with all of the other delights launching for preorder on November 1st. 

In the meantime we have built an FAQ of the questions that many of you have kindly posed. We'll continue to add to it as questions arise so please continue to ask!. 

Speaking of Luminary Cards….As new official luminaries enter the fold, The Society of Luminaries decided it was high time for a Luminary Rumble. This fat bear week style tournament crowns one of the current fourteen Luminary cards as the brightest star of the year. With that crown comes a prize in the form of a new delightful merch item in its honor unveiled on November 1st.  Which luminary will win? It’s up to you. Vote each day in the daily bout posted on the social media platform of your choice : Illimat Instagram, Illimat Twitter, and  Twogether Studios TikTok Stories. May the stars align with your favorite! 

Next Wednesday: Preview of all items available in the November 1st preorder, including one we think you'll flip over. 

All the best!


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