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Saint Joan Luminary Card
The latest album from The Decemberists is out today and it's an absolute delight.  We're pleased to share that vinyl copies of the record include a very special limited edition Illimat luminary card- Saint Joan. Special edition Illimat luminary cards...
Sign Up For Our GenCon 2023 Events
Event sign up for GenCon 2023 has launched and we’re excited to share what Keith and I have planned for you! GenCon runs August 3-6th and is a show were you need to register for your events in advance- so...
Illimat Event: March 5th Guardian Games
Keith and I (Jenn) will be at Guardian Games this Sunday to celebrate the launch of Illimat second edition. We'll have some give aways, teach you and your friends how to play, and maybe you'll get to meet some fellow...
Illimat Preorder Shipping now 70% Complete
Illimat preorders are shipping! We've sent a few emails in the past weeks to those on our mailing list on the progress of our Illimat preorder shipping. I wanted to also post something here on our site case those messages got...
PAX Unplugged 2022: Fantasy Costco, Illimat Syzygy Preview, Keith Merch
We've got some fun things to add to this years celebration at the Twogether Studios booth 3636 at PAX Unplugged 2022...
Illimat: The Syzygy Coin
“A syzygy may oppose or conjoin; let the turning of coin and tide add further spice to the seasons.” - The Luminary Matriarch Something precious is launching November 1st: the solid bronze Illimat Syzygy Coin. Is it a challenge coin?...
New Illimat Expansion: The False Baron's Set

Luminaries are tarot-like cards in the game of Illimat that can cause dynamic changes in game play and delightful effects in players choices and scores. Illustrated by award winning artist Carson Ellis these luminary cards have inspired stories and characters in podcasts, LARPS, and more than a few tattoos. We’re pleased to add a new expansion of Illimat luminaries to the game: The False Barron Set.

Lets talk Wicked!

We have a new game on Kickstarter for just 10 more days called "Cool Cool Cool". It's a fast, fun, affirmative card game that literally slaps. We're picking words in our game that started as one meaning and became popularized to mean something else.  Words that are affirmations, roll off the tongue easily, and feel kind of great when you shout them or hear them

Lets talk about the word Cool!

We've got a new game on Kickstarter now called Cool Cool Cool. It's a slightly unhinged slap game of affirmative slang words for adults and families. We're picking words in our game that started as one meaning and became popularized to mean something else.  Words that are affirmations, roll off the tongue easily, and feel kind of great when you shout them or hear them.

Illimat Second Edition: The Rules
In the second edition of Illimat, we had a chance to revise some of the Illimat rules and incorporate what we’ve learned demoing it as well as hand it over to someone with a fresh perspective. Heres a sneak peek at the V2 rules...
Illimat: Component Changes in Second Edition
We really take pride in the quality of the components of Illimat. Unfolding the cloth mat on the table, hearing the clink and weight of the metal tokens as you select which one you’ll wager this round—it’s all part of...
Changes in Illimat Second Edition: The Stars Suit

If you have played Illimat with some regularity, chances are your playing card deck looks something like ours. A five suited deck of lovingly worn cards - except for the almost pristine stars suit glaring back at you. 

This is, of course, because in the first edition rules of Illimat the stars suit is only used in four player games; and for many of us, Illimat is a two player staple. 

Friends, it's time for the star suits to shine.

Illimat Second Edition & Expansions Preorder Launches November 1st
We're pleased to announce that the pre-order for Illimat second edition, The Crane Wife Expansion, a new expansion and a few other delights will be available for preorder at on November 1st starting at 9am pacific/12 noon eastern.