PAX Unplugged 2022: Fantasy Costco, Illimat Syzygy Preview, Keith Merch

Five years ago was the very first PAX Unplugged and our first booth as a company at a game convention. This is my favorite game convention in the US - it embraces casual tabletop game players along with heavy euro games and RPG's. Plus, the food and festive events in Philly just make it feel like a year end celebration. 

 We've got some fun things to add to this years celebration at the Twogether Studios booth #3636 at PAX Unplugged 2022: 

Fantasy Costco:  In addition to The Adventure Zone Game, Expansion, and Dice Sets we're teaming up with some amazing makers to share with you some special items only found at Fantasy Costco. We've got deals on Invisibility Cloaks, Pocket Spa's, Potions of Healing and More! Look for the Giant Fantasy Costco ( based on Hari Conner's illustration for the game) in booth #3636. 

Illimat: Illimat has been a staple of PAX Unplugged, and although the second edition is only available for preorder, the fine folks at Shire Post Mint have made a small amount of Illimat Syzygy coins available for us to sell at the booth. We'll release some for sale on Friday and some on Saturday until they sell out. If you're on our newsletter list, you know that this coin has it's roots in the historic Philadelphia Society of Luminaries so this is really a coming home of sorts. Come by the booth, learn the story and get a demo of the new Luminaries and game rules. 

Keith Baker Presents & The Lord of Blades: Keith has a new Eberron book coming soon on DM's guild and we're celebrating with some Keith Baker Merch (T-shirts!) and a signing on Saturday with special guest cosplay The Lord of Blades. 

If you are press or a retailer and would like a private demo of any of our current or upcoming games please email info@twogetherstudios and we'll share our meeting calendar with you. 

 See you there? 




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