Illimat Victory Book
Illimat Victory Book

Illimat Victory Book

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A pocket sized 32 page book as over four rules variants, pages for personal bests, and lore and history for Illimat.  It's like a mini expansion and a pocket guide to enjoying Illimat through the winter all in one! Written by Keith Baker and Colin Meloy. Featuring illustrations by Carson Ellis.

Just from a sensory perspective, this game is fantastic. The cards have this beautiful texture, the point markers are smooth and cool, I want to steal all the okuses and keep them in my pocket. Everything about it is beautiful. Watch the videos on how to play rather than reading the instructions to get started. Once everyone has the rules down, the game really picks up and it is a party and a half. Buy it.

Megan Dodd

Clever, engrossing, relatively easy to learn, portable. Recommended for any one that loves clever and intense board games, but wants something less intense then 6 hour complex strategy games.

Andrew Hill

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